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Generally articles contain the detailed provisions as regards the procedure for transfer of shares. Usually following steps shall be followed by a private company to give effect to the transfer of shares:— Transferor should give a notice in writing for his intention to transfer his share to the company. The company in turn…

HR Management in Startups

Did you know that almost one-half of startups fail in the very first year of beginning operations due to many different reasons, and not having a proper HR strategy is one of them? Now we often think that HR is something big companies, and conglomerates focus on, but that is far from true.…
  Affidavit from Two directors of the company In terms of Rules, Verifying Application made to R.D., ROC and to Chief Secretary of the State, Verifying list of Creditors, Verifying no pending enquiry, Verifying non retrenchment, Verifying service of notice, Undertaking to settle future claims. Indemnity Bond from Two Directors of the company…
Contribution towards Provident Fund is one of the area, which requires due consideration of Auditor while conducting Tax Audit. In industry, there are some confusions regarding the treatment of Contribution towards Provident Fund. Through this Article, I am trying to interpret the intent of the Act with regard to these provisions. Employer’s Contribution…